General Illustrator and Digital Artist
She/They - 20 - Has an Associates degree in Liberal Arts but also trying to go for a Bachelors in Graphic Design - I also took a year in 3D Modelling & Animation - Born Texan


Academic and experimental work, including mostly abstract and environmental art, but also some graphic design concepts I've produced alongside some 3D work

character art + commission info

For anyone who won't give me a job but wants to get some art, or just wants to see some more of the work I do when I'm not trying to look professional.


Commission info



Icon/Head ($15)(+$5 if animated)
Torso ($35)(+$15 if animated)
Full Body ($60)(+$30 if animated)

2 Tone Color ($1)Detailed Halftone ($3)Full Color ($5)-----------------
Flat Shadow Work ($2)Detailed Shadows/Full Rendering ($10)-----------------
+ Sketch Background ($5)
+ Fully Painted ($15)

Extra Characters: ($15 each) accepted, but within reasonContact: Either Through DMs orvia email to [email protected]

Character Art

Did you really think i would put that kinda stuff on a website with my portfolio?

idk whats up with you, thatd be just plain weird

so uh

yeah idk

since you're here anyway, you should go check out some of my friends n stuff, they make some excellent posts and content and all that.


hhh-rina; a great canadian photographer and an amazing friend, she takes a lot of good environment shots and portraits. please find a way to give her money for her photos shes so good i swear - caard
cooper-draws; an artist with a very clean style and a fun world of lgbt characters that live together more or less. he's pretty cool - Tumblr, & Twitter
slobberdragon, or as more well known on tumblr as maeborowski; has a very engaging world of punk characters that live in a small, grungy town. lots of fun and emotional stuff happens, its great, i even did an animatic about it that was almost 2 minutes long over the last spring break, you can find it here! also heres his art accounts. - tumblr & twitter + a cool set of albums that you gotta listen to
cuddlepuppy; has a rly cool fursona and a world of characters that i, personally, wanna know more about all the time, but never know the questions to ask. - caard
jacetheposs; she's a cool friend and she has a fun caard that you should check out! she posts funny stuff a lot
anarch0possum; doesn't draw, but if you play team fortress 2 they're working on a hud pack for it, plus theyre a cool software engineer student so check them out. - caard
autumnlune; she's a cool artist and a cool person so go check her twitter out please
sean; has a bandcamp and puts up songs, its rad - bandcamp
Lea; a cool friend who makes cool music and does fun art! - neocities
Logan/Frog: super cool friend of mine, does rad art, and is probably the coolest person i know - caard
anyone else i know who sees this just like, ask me to be on this secret list i guess. youre wonderful and amazing

but yeah seriously check them all out, theyre awesome